Chîffre IT Solution: We are the development company and we are coding the product which is a decentralized exchange and automated market maker. We have no access to any funds, only the user and his wallet and interaction with the smart contract has access. We are not responsible for the developed products.

Chîffre IT Solutions
Kicevo 6250 Macedonia

Country of company registration: Northmacedonia
Enterprise registration number: 200003892988292
Legal address: UL. Reegionalen pat Kicevo – Oslomej Nr. 9

58.2 Software development

58.21 Create computer games
58.29 Execution of equipment program.

62.0 Computer programming, advice and business
62.01 Computer programming
62.02 Computer consulting activities
62.03 Computer equipment activity
62.09 Other services related to information technology and computer technology

64 Financial activities, excluding insurance and pension funds
64.9 Other financial activities, except insurance and pension funds
64.91 Finance leasing
64.92 Credit Note Issuing
64.99 Other financial activities except insurance and pension funds, not elsewhere specified or included
66 Ancillary activities in financial services and insurance
66.1 Secondary employment in the financial services sector, with the exception of insurance companies and pension funds
66.11 Access to financial markets
66.12 Operation of Securities and Stock Exchanges
66.19 Advocacy activities in financial services other than insurance and pension funds